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The Tower eco-design home and office water filtration unit water filtration unit is a tribute to the water towers scattered across the skylines of our global cities providing citizens with this essential daily resource. 

Deep in Mile End, just a few minutes from where the AQUAOVO experience was born, lies a 7 storey, brick warehouses built in 1924. Atop this iconic building, The St. Lawrence Warehouse, lies one of the most recognizable water towers in Montreal. This stoic object against Mile End’s blue sky was an inspiration to our design team to create our newest eco-chic solution to drinking water in the city.

About 15,000 buildings in New York City alone still use the water tower as a reliable method of providing fresh water at an adequate pressure for shower and drinking. They are part of everyday life and their structures are an integral part of the New York city landscape. Our design team wanted this same reliability and iconic shape to be part of your everyday source of clean, fresh water.


Designed to take advantage of the knowledge about the new adsorbent materials and the timeless role of sand in water purification, AQUACRISTAL, the multilayer reusable glass cartridge at the heart of The Tower, contains first quality filtration elements that have proven effective to eliminate chemical and organic pollutants from drinking water by mimicking the action of the natural filtration cycle underground. See the AQUACRISTAL product page for the details.



Designed and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, The Tower Eco-Design Water Filtration unit is made from materials that fuse age-old traditions with tomorrow’s trends.

The products of the AQUAOVO experience are painstakingly handcrafted following age-old traditions and the renewable development guidelines. Our artisans are located in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia. They are all selected for their knowhow and respect of our ethical and fair trade values. Woodworkers, glassblowers, and ceramicists come together to create a perfect, functional piece of art set to become a valuable part of our daily life.



Our AQUACRISTAL glass filter cartridge is reusable: a first on the market! Return your used cartridge in its packaging. We will take care to recycle and reuse most of the parts so that we can continue to offer the filtration experience with the lowest environmental impact on the market.

All our products are made of sustainable, renewable or recyclable materials. Plastic components have been kept to a minimum and are generally recyclable.

Our packaging materials are carefully selected to minimize their impact on the ecological cycle. In addition, they are mainly made from recycled and recyclable materials.

The AQUAOVO experience advantageously makes it possible to stop the consumption of bottled water, a polluting industry that uses more than 80 billion plastic bottles a year in America alone and whose transportation activities are actively involved in the creation of greenhouse gases.

A single AQUAOVO filtration unit can prevent the purchase, use and disposal of up to 12,000 plastic bottles per year, or nearly 480,000 bottles over your next forty years of active life. Now multiply this number by the thousands of AQUAOVO filtration units that are active on the planet!

Through our choice of materials, our commitment to sustainable development and our policy of reusing filter cartridges, we set new environmental standards to meet the demands of our customers and the needs of our planet.

We adhere unconditionally to a philosophy of social, ethical and environmental commitment.



Its versatile design offers two easy modes: safe and convenient, the filtration mode with the AQUACRISTAL cartridge ensures a high quality year round water supply. More fun, the TOWERBAR mode allows you to turn your Tower into a stylish and functional beverage dispenser for when you throw a party or for a special event.




  • It holds a lot of water - 8L or 2.5 gallons 
  • The tanks are made of glass - no chemical leaching or plastic after taste 
  • Uses the same multilayer filtration technology as our award winning OVOPUR 
  • Effectively removes chlorine and other contaminants for clean, refreshing water 
  • Can easily transform into a beverage dispenser for your next party
  • No plumbing required, use it out of the box and move it anywhere



  • 8 Liters (2,1 gal)
  • 11 x 14 x 29in, 15 lbs
  • 1 AQUACRISTAL filter cartridge included (4 months supply) 
  • 1 Black Structural Baltic Birch Base included
  • Materials: Glass, Baltic Birch, Stainless Steel, PE, Felt, Activated Carbon, KDF55, Quartz Sand, Micro-Porous Bioceramic beads



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  • Warranty coverage is limited to one(1) year on the tap only. The OVO+ warranty and the 100/60 warranty do not apply on discounted units

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