Outdoor (Frio) | Filter Cartridge (99.9%)

$ 25.00



  • Removes up to 99.9% of water contaminants including Giardia and Criptosporidium
  • Filters river, lake and tap water (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Leaves no after-taste
  • Certified & exceeds NSF standards 42 & 53



  • Brings clean water to the developing world through our partnership with ONE DROP Multi-Patented Filtration Technology EPA/ANSI
  • Compatible with the Alter Ego Frio and the standard Alter Ego bottles

    The Alter Ego filtration technology provides the highest contaminants' rate reduction. The Outdoor filter carttridge removes everything from chlorine, heavy metals, agricultural run-off and industrial waste, including Giardia and Criptosporidium.

    Laboratory tested and field-proven over ten years, Alter Ego water filters can transform any water source into clean-tasting and contaminant-free water. The Outdoor filter is perfect to fulfill all of your urban and backcountry needs (Northern hemisphere). The Outdoor (Frio) filter cartridge fits the Alter Ego Frio and the standard Alter Ego bottles.

    • 100% BPA Free recyclable and replaceable
    • Filters are made in the USA