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Ego | Water Filter Assembly

Ego | Water Filter Assembly

Product code:AE - Ego

Ego | Water Filter Assembly
PP#5, Food Grade Silicone
**Filter cartridge sold separately**

> Compatible with the Alter personal water bottle
> Water tight and easy to wash
> BPA and Phthalates Free


The Ego Water Filter Assembly combines beautiful design and top quality components. The flip straw head of the assembly has been designed to be safe, ergonomic, easy to use and fast to install. Its retractable mouth piece with lever unfolds in a sanitary manner at the touch of a finger. In the closed position it secures the unfiltered liquid inside the bottle. The silicone seal at the base of the head allows quick and easy connection with the bottle. And it's compatible with the Alter personal Water Bottle and the Outdoor and Globetrotter filters! Then it becomes the Alter Ego, a personal water filtration duo that is both efficient and generous. Visit the Alter Ego page for more details.



•  Sturdy and safe construction

•  Leaves no metallic after-taste

•  Water tight and easy to wash

•   Easy free flow design

•   Ergonomic design

•   Compatible with the Alter bottle and the Outdoor and Globetrotter filters

•   100% BPA Free recyclable and replaceable

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