The Climate Ambassador

Welcome to the Climate Ambassador Program!

The AQUAOVO experience has been launched over 12 years ago to offer a green and stylish alternative to the bottled water industry, one of the worst single use plastics generator on earth.

Become a Climate Ambassador today and help spread the AQUAOVO experience across the globe while earning extra money on each sale you refer.

Each new water filtration unit out there means thousands of plastic bottles less in the environment.

Thank you for considering our brand and please give us any feedback on our products and affiliate program so that we may support your efforts. Contact us at

Our Best,

The Aquaovo Team


Program Terms

  • You get paid a 20% commission on every sale referred by you through your referral links, emails and visuals shares. (i.e. A referred customer buys an OVOPUR unit for $1000, you get a $200 commission.)
  • All sales made within 180 days (6 months!) after being referred by you will be applied to your account.
  • Bonus Terms: You can choose between a free Tower unit for every $5000 of sales or a free OVOPUR on wood base for every $8000 of sales.
  • All you need to get paid is a Paypal account.
*Please note that the commission rate on replacement filter cartridges and recurring filter programs are limited to 10% and for the first occurence only.