The Climate Embassy

The AQUAOVO experience was born more than 12 years ago now with one of the main objective being to help stop the consumption of bottled water, a polluting industry that uses more than 80 billion plastic bottles a year in America alone and whose transportation activities are actively involved in the creation of greenhouse gases. The recent Climate Strikes around the world have reminded us to reaffirm our commitment to help the planet.

The Climate Embassy is a new initiative that will feature many tools and ressources to help fight the global climate crisis like our blog, The Climate Embassy. You can start by registering to one of our affiliate programs and help us make earth a cleaner home, one plastic bottle less at a time.


             Climate Consul         Climate Ambassador
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Our environmental features

Our AQUACRISTAL glass filter cartridge is reusable: a first on the market! Return your used cartridge in its packaging. We will take care to recycle and reuse most of the parts so that we can continue to offer the filtration experience with the lowest environmental impact on the market.


All our products are made of sustainable, renewable or recyclable materials. Plastic components have been kept to a minimum and are generally recyclable. Our packaging materials are carefully selected to minimize their impact on the ecological cycle. In addition, they are mainly made from recycled and recyclable materials.


A single AQUAOVO filtration unit can prevent the purchase, use and disposal of up to 4,000 plastic bottles per year, or nearly 160,000 bottles over your next forty years of active life. Now multiply this number by the thousands of AQUAOVO filtration units that are active on the planet!


Through our choice of materials, our commitment to sustainable development and our policy of reusing filter cartridges, we set new environmental standards to meet the demands of our customers and the needs of our planet.


We adhere unconditionally to a philosophy of social, ethical and environmental commitment. Become a Climate Ambassador today through our referral programs and let's shape a better futur together.