The Tower - Eco-Design Water Dispenser

$ 499.00


  • It holds a lot of water - 8L or 2.5 gallons 
  • The tanks are made of glass - no chemical leaching or plastic after taste 
  • Uses the same multilayer filtration technology as our award winning OVOPUR 
  • Effectively removes chlorine and other contaminants for clean, refreshing water 
  • Can easily transform into a beverage dispenser for your next party
  • No plumbing required, use it out of the box and move it anywhere

The TOWER is a tribute to the water towers scattered across the skylines of our global cities providing citizens with this essential daily resource. The TOWER, an eco-design home and office water dispenser by AQUAOVO.

The Tower | eco-design water dispenser with filtration
Glass, Stainless Steel, Russian Birch
8 Liters (2,1 gal)
11 x 14 x 29in, 15 lbs