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“Observe, Understand

and Imitate Nature’’Viktor Schauberger

AQUAOVO specializes in designing drinking water filtration and revitalization systems. It operates on the cutting edge to provide a water filtration experience that is inspired by nature and steeped in environmental awareness. Both a way of life and a health concept, the AQUAOVO experience lies at the crossroads of urban trends and collective well-being.

At the heart of this experience is OVOPUR, our revitalizing water filter. An offline gravitational filter that solves the problem of
drinking water quality in urban environments. Designed in Canada, OVOPUR is made from materials that fuse age-old traditions with tomorrow’s trends. With its natural, innovative design that has won many prizes and now part of the permanent design collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, OVOPUR is a functional and performant piece of art that will help you bring back water at the center of your daily life.