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Desvres Edition!

Because water is at the very core of your life and your health, you deserve the best when it comes to filter and condition the precious liquid for your optimal hydration.

The OVOPUR eco-friendly designer water filtration unit - the Desvres Edition - is an assemblage of parts carefully handcrafted by handpicked artisans. The porcelain is produced in Desvres, France, a town that, much like Limoges, has built its reputation on the production of earthenware and porcelain since the 12th century. The Structural Baltic Birch veneer wood base and the borosilicate glass filter cartridge are carefully assembled in AQUAOVO's Lanaudière workshop, near Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

With its natural, innovative Canadian design that has won many prizes and that has been part of the permanent Decorative Arts & Design collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the last decade, OVOPUR is a functional and performant piece of art that will help you bring back water at the center of your daily life.

AQUAOVO leads with eco-friendly and design alternatives to popular water filter brands like Santevia, Brita, Berkey and Pur.

Not to mention the bottled water industry. A single AQUAOVO filtration unit can prevent the purchase, use and disposal of up to 4,000 plastic bottles per year, or nearly 160,000 bottles over your next forty years of active life. Now multiply this number by the thousands of AQUAOVO filtration units that are active on the planet! Come-back here after you purchased your unit and see how you too can have an impact on your environment.

Outstanding Feature
  • A worry-free pack: You get a full year of replacement filter cartridges now and your replacement program will automatically renew on your credit card at 20% off the regular price at the same date next year, and the year after, and after, and after... or until you decide otherwise. This starter pack includes 1 OVOPUR unit, 1 year worth of filter cartridges (3), 1 rinsing board and a subscription to the Avantage OVO+3 AUTO filter cartridge replacement program and warranty coverage. This program also provides you with with mind easing cartridge change reminders every 4 months, a reminder 7 days before your renewal date and a reminder 3 days prior to renewal if your credit card needs to be modified or replaced.
  • Outstanding Filtration = Great Tasting Water. Contains first quality NSF Certified filtration elements that have proven effective to filter out chemicals and organic pollutants from your drinking water.
  • Huge Holding Size, Never wait for water again. The main tank holds up to 11 litres/2.9 gallons. This means plenty of water to drink, cook, feed the pets and even water your plants throughout the day without having to think about refilling your unit. That's far out from that plastic Brita water pitcher from which you can't ever seem to get enough water when you need it the most. And it's much more efficient than that big blue plastic jug that you need to carry around and flip over to your back's expense.
  • Fresh Filtered Water, Always. The egg shape eases the water circulation, prevents stagnation and reduces the risk of bacterial growth.
  • 2 Litres of Fresh Water a Day Keep the Doctor Away. Sufficient, high quality, contaminant free hydration is known to solve many health and body issues.
  • Eco-Friendly to the Core. The Aquacristal glass filter cartridge is reusable! Just return your used cartridges when you're done (in Canada only). We use sustainable and long lasting noble materials like ceramics, glass, wood and stainless steel so that you can pass your unit to the next generation.
  • Earth-Cheap: Keep More in Your pockets, spill less on your planet. With Aquaovo you get the best materials, the nicest designs and the greenest experience while paying less than $0.09/liter of fresh-tasting water.
  • Multi-Tasking. You can easily turn it into a beverage and cocktail dispenser for your next party.
  • Improve Your Design and Your Life. The OVOPUR is an award winning design that has been part of the permanent design objects collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts since 2009. OVOPUR is a functional and performant piece of art that will help you bring back clean water at the center of your daily life.

  • 11 Liters (2,9 gal) Capacity
  • 11 x 14 x 29in, 24 lb
  • 3 AQUACRISTAL filter cartridge included (12 months supply)
  • 1 Structural Baltic Birch veneer wood rinsing board included
  • 1 Structural Baltic Birch veneer wood base included
  • Sparkling white handcrafted traditional ceramic with natural variations
  • Materials: Ceramic, Glass, Baltic Birch, Stainless Steel, PE, Felt, Activated Carbon, KDF55, Quartz Sand, Micro-Porous Bioceramic beads

Environmental & Versatility
  • Eco-Friendly Filtration: The AQUACRISTAL glass filter cartridge, a market first, is reusable. Send back your used cartridge for recycling.
  • Minimal Plastic Use: Our products and packaging prioritize sustainable, renewable, or recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact.
  • Bottle-Free Living: One AQUAOVO unit can replace up to 4,000 plastic bottles annually, significantly reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Versatile Design: Switch between high-quality water filtration and a stylish beverage dispenser with the OVOPUR unit, perfect for everyday use or special occasions.

Warranty and Return
  • 60-Day Satisfaction Warranty: Not satisfied? Return within 60 days for a replacement, exchange, or refund.
  • Accidental Breakage Warranty: Free replacement for any glass or porcelain parts broken accidentally within 2 years.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2-year coverage on bases, valves, and specific parts against malfunction or degradation.
  • AVANTAGE OVO+: Extend your accidental breakage warranty and enjoy 20% off on filter cartridges and replacement parts with our subscription program.

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