As an Ambassador, you benefit from a 15% commission on all qualified OVOPUR sales referenced by your unique QR code and personalized links. When one of your customers scans your QR code and purchases an Ovopur within 3 months, the sale will be automatically credited to your SME Ambassador account and you will receive a 15% commission on this first purchase.

Depending on the popularity with your customers, these amounts can be used to cover the purchase of your filters or even an additonal OVOPUR. In fact, the commission on a single purchase from one of your customers covers almost the entire annual cost of your Aquacristal filters for one Ovopur unit!


Upon joining, an exclusive Ambassador engraved tag with your unique QR code will be sent to you. All you have to do is install it on or close to your OVOPUR unit and continue doing what you are already doing: providing clean and fresh water to your customers and employees!

You can then use your QR code and unique SME Ambassador links to share about the OVOPUR to all your contacts via social networks, a website, a blog or by email. We have easy-to-use sharing tools to meet all your needs.