This section is where we showcase our imperfect products, our end of lines and our inventory overstock at reduced prices. All sales are final and warranties are limited.

All available products are listed in batches and photographed in detail. The lots are posted below as long as they are available.

All available units are sorted in 3 categories:

Category A: The product is in very good condition and presents very few and rather subtle imperfections.

Category B: The product is in good condition and presents some often subtle imperfections.

Category C: The product is in fair condition, fully functional and it can present several visible imperfections.

You can save $35 more if you purchase an OVO-DUO with any unit of the sample sale section.

Please feel welcome to contact us at any point through our Support center should you require more information or assistance to complete your order.

Thank you!



We are sorry, there are no products in this collection