OVOBAR | Beverage Dispenser - Acrylic Base

$ 899.00 CAD

OVOBAR - is an assemblage of parts carefully handcrafted by handpicked artisans. The porcelain is produced in Desvres, France, a town that has built its reputation on the production of earthenware and porcelain since the 12th century.

Acrylic base, magnet level, and Belgium stainless steel tap included. Carefully assembled in AQUAOVO's Joliette workshop, near Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The unique shape of this dispenser no accident. The OVOBAR unit combines the unique shape of an egg with the thermal properties of porcelain to preserve beverages. Its slender curves and complete lack of right angles allow beverages to flow freely and naturally. Temperature differences and normal flow induce biotic movement that prevents stagnation and reduces the risk of bacteria buildup. Its appearance symbolizes abundance, purity, rebirth and infinity. 

Its attractive curves and the use of noble materials such as porcelain, glass and metal testify to our commitment to aesthetics and quality since 2006.



  • Handcrafted ceramic
  • Stainless steel tap
  • Holds up to 11 liters/2.9 gallons.
  • The oval shape eases the circulation and regeneration of liquids
  • The perfect beverage dispenser for cocktails and other cold drinks
  • Prevents stagnation and reduces the risk of bacterial deposit
  • Own a locally designed and assembled product.



  • Sparkling white handcrafted traditional ceramic with natural variations
  • Ceramic Height: 34 cm / 13 inches
  • Total Height: 52 cm / 21 inches
  • Materials: Porcelain Ceramic, Stainless Steel tap, and Acrylic base