SME Ambassador - Tools

Online Toolbar

Use our Ambassador Toolbar to easily add links and for a quick view of your earnings. Link to any Page Navigate to any of our OVOPUR product details page and capture the links directly from the page that you are viewing. You can even build shortlinks from the sitestripe toolbar. Share on Twitter and Facebook Post a quick update to Facebook or Twitter with a link to the product page you are viewing.

Product Links

Link to a specific OVOPUR product on our page and show information about that product. Build customized text links, text and image links, and image only links to our products. 

Showroom Toolkit

Choose from our SME Ambassador showroom tools to invite your clients to visit our online store and discover the OVOPUR with a single scan.

Custom QR Code Filtration Unit tag

This tag, laser etched with your unique SME Ambassador QR Code, has been designed to complement your filtration unit and give interested clients a quick scannable link to our online store.

Personalized QR Code Ambassador Cards

Printed to a regular business card format, the SME Ambassador Cards are the perfect hand-out item to give clients asking for more information. The cards are custom printed with your name, business name, unique SME Ambassador QR Code and Aquaovo branding.