OVO+ 3 VIP | VIP Annual Cartridge Replacement Program

$ 450.00 CAD

Receive 30% off for each additional unit!


  • Three AQUACRISTAL cartridges delivered with cleaning service
  • Delivery and installation of a pre-flushed cartridge every four months 
  • Complete clean-up of your unit.
  • Free replacement of the silicone seals supporting the cartridge and the magnetic level.
  • Inspection of the valve including replacement of silicone or nylon parts if necessary.
  • One year service
  • Service available only for the Montreal Metropolitan Area
    • An additional fee of $30 per visit will apply outside the island of Montreal



OVO+ 3 is a VIP annual filter cartridge replacement program for the OVOPUR and CAVIAR water filtration units. Regular filter changing is the key to the quality and safety to live the AQUAOVO experience to its fullest.

 The AQUACRISTAL cartridge must be changed every four months. AQUAOVO therefore offers an automatic cartridge replacement program and a cleaning by a professional.